A path with smiles

I always smile and appreciate deeply when I come across a student who is walking their own path.

Recently this was quite a literal one. There was a student who had graduated. I knew him on his journey toward graduation.

He was walking past and stopped to greet and say hello. A bounce in his step, a glint in his eye, that far more confident.

‘You remember me?’ he said.

‘Of course I do…what you studying now?’ I said.

“I’ve graduated now, I’m an intern’.


We carried on for a bit and then he walked on…on his own continued path.

As he walks, so do you.

What path are you currently on?

If you bumped into someone you knew…say a year from now to have a brief ‘catch up’, what would you share?

What would you have achieved?



P.s. remember to smile on your path

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