A missing key

Dream it. Wish it. Do it. We’ve heard that a lot in some way right?

Sounds simple enough right and somehow easy.

Yet what if it’s not sound advice?

Check this out from Professor Oettingen.

“If you want to unwind, you can take some deep breaths, get a massage, or go for a walk—but you can also try simply closing your eyes and fantasizing about some future outcome that you might enjoy. But what about when your objective is to make your wish a reality? The last thing you want to be is relaxed. You want to be energized to get off the couch and lose those pounds or find that job or study for that test, and you want to be motivated enough to stay engaged even when the inevitable obstacles arise. We’ve seen that the principle of ‘Dream it. Wish it. Do it.’ does not hold true, and now we know why: in dreaming it, you undercut the energy you need to do it. You put yourself in a temporary state of bliss, calmness—and lethargy.”

This is not to say that you should not dream or set goals, but more to say that the mental rehearsal alone is not gonna be sufficient.

There are more mechanics at play.

Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan.

As in, set the wish (goal) + foresee and feel the outcome + identify the obstacle right now + plan to overcome the obstacle.

That last part is the missing key.

The words at the beginning of this message can therefore be extended.

Dream it. Wish it. Feel it. Know the obstacle. Plan to overcome it….and then do it + repeat.

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