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A mindset built daily

When you think about goals for a new year or resolutions how do you come at that?

“People who set New Year’s resolutions but don’t follow through are simply, through their own unawareness, victims of the law of diminishing intent. They are people who do not realize how fickle—and fleeting—our own intentions can be. Understanding this phenomenon explains why New Year’s Resolutions rarely work. We can’t make a resolution once a year and expect it to leverage us to action for that entire period of time. Instead, as Albert Gray wrote in 1940, ‘Any resolution that is made today must again be made tomorrow.’ And the next day, and the next day, and the next day (remember the Rent Axiom?)…the mind-set success is never owned—it is only rented—and the rent is due every day” (Vaden)

with Arete,


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