A Message of Potential

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

This question was posed to a student who completed their studies…


What message of encouragement would you share with students whom are currently grinding through their studies?


“It is said to be an African proverb that “the eyes that have seen the ocean cannot be satisfied by a mere lagoon”… In that spirit I would like to encourage peers that irrespective of circumstances, the privilege of studying is nothing more than a shadow of immense opportunities that lie ahead. It is difficult, yes yes yes… AND it has been done by those before us. It is not impossible…”

Wow! That is an answer that is based on experience.

Whether still studying, about to, or ‘finished’ there are immense opportunities ahead because quite simply you have immense potential.

Remember what the word Potential means? ‘Possibilities’.

Continue to become a Student of Potential; a Student of Possibilities.


Lean in. Apply yourself. Study, learn, reflect and repeat!

With Arete,


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