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Becoming a Leader of Potential

A while back, let’s just call it many moons, a very nice opportunity arose to give a short talk to emerging leaders. We’re talking about high performing individuals that already had experience, tool kits and all kinds of insights and experiences.The bottom line was that any copy and paste definition of leadership was just not gonna cut it. There was no need to grab the scissors!

In a nutshell here is my take on being a Leader of Potential that many moons before and many later still remains.

Point 1:

In order to be a Leader of Potential you first need to realize what it means to be a student (of potential). A student is not simply someone who learns or follows a course of study. No! A student is someone who ‘defines, discovers and develops their own potential’.

Okay, so point 2:

A leader is not just somebody who leads. No!

To be a Leader (of potential) means to harness the ability to move beyond leading into something quite special (in my view). A Leader of Potential is therefore defined as someone ‘who cultivates the possibilities for others to define, discover and develop their own potential’.

Point 3

Define, discover and develop for yourself = Student of Potential

Cultivate the possibilities for others to

‘define, discover and develop their own potential’ = Leader of Potential

The beauty is we can do both.

With Arete,


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