A ferocious determination

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

What always strikes me with inspiration is students who are determined.

Whether its just growing, fully fledged, a work in progress, you in that somewhere?

I got a unique take on this.

Every student deep down is determined.

It might just be a matter of tapping where to find and direct that determination.

Once you get that and make a decision to keep moving forward through all seasons you on to something.

Check this out…

“In sum, no matter the domain, the highly successful had a kind of ferocious determination that played out in two ways. First, these exemplars were unusually resilient and hardworking. Second, they knew in a very, very deep way what it was they wanted. They not only had determination, they had direction. It was this combination of passion and perseverance that made high achievers special. In a word, they had grit.” (Duckworth)

So no matter your domain, find out deep down what it is you want.


Develop a ferocious determination over the long haul.

In a word.




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