A different take on Leadership

I’ve got a different take on leadership.

I view leadership as the propensity to ‘Define, Discover and Develop your own potential such that you have an increased capacity to promote the very same process in others.”

Akin to this view in some ways is Covey.

Check this out….

“Leadership is affirming people’s worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves.”

There is definitely time for straight talk and given direct and real time feedback to teams that you support.

Yet there is also a crucial role to be played in creating a signature strength atmosphere so that people can shine.

See the potential in others, encourage it, inspire it and allow and challenge them to draw their own inspiration.

Do that and what you promote is not a ‘follower’ but another leader with a new found capacity.

Last thing you want or need is to clip wings or overshadow.

Promote others to step out of their own, others and your own shadow.

Takes a bit of work…for sure. But the return on investment is unquantifiable.

You set people up not to fail…but then to flourish…perpetually.



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