A diary of potential

Ever used a diary specifically to help you develop your potential?

Check this out…

“There’s no magic formula, as evidenced by the staggering variety of what renowned diarists focused on. But our research suggests that it can be particularly useful to reflect and write on any of the following:

Progress, even a small step forward, in work you care aboutAnyone or anything that helped or hindered your progressGoals and plans, especially a plan for making progress tomorrowIssues or ‘to-dos’ that may be causing you stress as they swirl through your mind

Anything that brought you joy or pleasure, even if it lasted only a moment.” (Belsky)

Have a look at those possibilities.

If you were to start off daily just reflecting on one of three above,which would you pick + why is it important to you?

Next….when, where, how and for how long would you do this daily.

Probably you’ll find it will literally be a minute or two for a minimal effective dose to reap the benefits.



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