A collection of skills

Any superhero movies that you like?

I love em yet I also love the idea that everyone has the potential to be a ‘hero’ in their own way.

Lotta books and takes on this with different viewpoints.

Check this out from McDougall…

“Heroism isn’t some mysterious inner virtue, the Greeks believed; it’s a collection of skills that every man and woman can master so that in a pinch, they can become a Protector.”

With that in mind, who do you know who is a ‘protector’?

Could be a Mother, Father, Aunty, Uncle, Brother, Sister, Cousin, Colleague, Friend.

See how far this goes?

Could be anyone you know and don’t know.

We can look out there for a hero, sure.

How about bringing it closer to home and asking…how can I be a hero/protector using my current collection of unique skills that can be deliberately expressed through my potential…now?

We are not talking about saving the planet.

Just simply applying your current collection of skills towards mastery such that you end up becoming a ‘protector’; a person with a level of increased capacity that brings you to new levels and in the process helps others to find that for themselves.



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