You’ve heard of an ATM, yet have you heard of OTM?

Author Segar says ‘OTM’ stands for ‘Opportunities to Move’.

Your relationship to movement can link well to the relationship with your potential.

“Right now, let’s really pin down your personal Meaning for exercise: When you think about exercise, does it feel like a chore you have to do? Or like a gift you can’t wait to open? ...

On a scale of 1 to 5—with 1 being ‘a chore to accomplish’ and 5 being ‘a gift to give yourself’—circle the number that best describes how you feel about exercise:

1 2 3 4 5” (Segar).

Segar says finding opportunities to move (OTM) throughout your day can be fun and open up all kinds of possibilities.

“If you’ve got one minute, you’ve got time.”

Your potential relies not on stagnancy nor inertia but your ability to move, no matter how small.

Try adding some extra OTM’s to your day.

Does not need to be far but will take you far. They'll add up.



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