I recently tried out a 50% version of a cross fit workout called ‘Murph’. The 50% version?

800 metre run, 50 pullups, 100 pressups, 150 air squats, and to end it an 800 metre run.

Lots of fun just giving it a try.

The normal version is double of this.

As it was a first time trying it I wanted to ‘test’ it first.

An important part of this and for that matter anything you put your energy into is recovery.

Rather than go all out and writing off the next day I made sure I ate and rested well.

Here’s Tom Rath’s take on this:

“If you eat, move, and sleep well today, you will have more energy tomorrow. You will treat your friends and family better. You will achieve more at work and give more to your community. It all starts with making decisions like *tomorrow* depends on it.”

Wherever you are rocking your potential try your best to have eating, rest, movement and sleep as your side by side besties. They need you and you need them every step along the way.



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