Rocking your potential need not be a 24/7 thing. I mean come on now. How could it be?

Check this perspective from Professor Newport…

“At the end of the workday, shut down your consideration of work issues until the next morning —no after-dinner e-mail check, no mental replays of conversations, and no scheming about how you’ll handle an upcoming challenge; shut down work thinking completely. If you need more time, then extend your workday, but once you shut down, your mind must be left free.”

When you shut down for the day do you do it fully?

This is one ‘work in progress’ personally and I’m alright with that.

Our children are still young and they require flexibility.

Our strategy?

Give them a set routine + one for ourselves especially with resting up + remain flexible.

That kinda consistency builds habit + momentum which over time becomes easier to maintain.

Your context is unique to you


So is your version of consistency.



p.s. when your evenings + weekends come along…easy there tiger. Your potential needs rest n lots of it.

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