80/20 your potential: 'Do your own thing' (Part 1/10)

I recently wrote to International Best Selling Author, Richard Koch, Author of the 80/20 principle... and an entire suite of seriously amazing books with some potent applications.

I asked Richard this question…

“What advice would you give to students seeking to develop their potential and possibilities?”

Richard wrote back with not one but ten potent points!

(Side note - We will be posting one at a time).

Remember this is coming from an author that has delved deeply into 80/20 thinking, application, analysis (and more) for a long time. There is some serious wisdom in these words.

Here is Potent Point number 1, shared by Richard...

1.      Do you own thing.

"Yes, I know.

It’s very 1960s.

But it’s very 2010s and 2020s too.

Even more so.  Because today if there is one thing which depresses me about people in their teens and twenties, it is how conventional they often are.  Everyone follows the prescribed path.

Think about it.  Everyone wants exceptional results and possibilities.  But if you all do the same things, how is that possible?

Only if you are your own person, with your own way of doing things, do you stand a chance of standing out from the crowd…"(more to come)

A huge thanks to Richard for this one and more installments coming…

But for now some 'homework'!

Let's return to Richard's first point in the form of a question (which by the way he writes about nicely in 'Living the 80/20 way').

Okay so here's the question...

What would make you uniquely stand out from the crowd? What unique potential have you got that no one else has that is waiting to be explored and expressed?

Recently posted on the Student of Potential pinterest board and akin to the above message and question was this:

“Your potential comes in many forms” and “how you express your potential is entirely up to you”.

(Check it out if that’s ya cuppa – if not, there are 500 + unique messages for you on there, one of which might resonate)

More from Richard on the way.

With Arete,


P.s  Richard Koch is an author and entrepreneur-investor who has a home in Cape Town and visits every year for 2-3 months.  If you like this blog post, follow him on Twitter - @RichardKoch8020

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