80/20 Vision

Richard Koch, author of the 80/20 principle is known for posing this question….

“What is the 20 percent of your time when you achieve 80 percent of your results? Do more of it! What is the 80 percent of your time when you achieve little? Do less of it!”

~ Richard Koch

Let’s give an example here, remembering every situation is unique.

My most productive time is one hour after I wake up. Typically, I’ll be in a quiet and conductve space with crystal clear clarity and a dedicated uninterrupted hour to focus on the work that I have identified as most rare and valuable.

The second hour comes a couple of hours later after I’ve worked out and taken the kids to school.

These two hours combined constitute the 20% of my time during a day when I generate the most output.

It’s not to say that I’m not productive at other times. Yet if I was to whittle it down I can tell ya that consistently over time it’s these two dedicated time periods when I’m most alert, focused, dialled in and ready to really rock it.

On the flip side. Where is 80% of my time where I achieve very little?

Typically about noon for an hour and between 5 – 7 pm. These are the times when I’m needing to engage in different activities to refresh, so I rarely if ever schedule innovative work during this time. Rather I eliminate that attempt and replace with recharge activities (e.g. lunch, a walk, play).

Figuring out your top 20 percent of time when you are in ‘game on’ mode and the 80 percent of time where you are not so rocking it can be quite useful.

Your schedule will look different from others.

Don’t’ copy. Be unique. There are not ideal times or set periods. Just you own to define, discover and develop.

What’s your 20? - Accentuate.

What’s your 80? - Eliminate or reduce.



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