8 Elements of Thinking

Thinking is an essential part of defining, discovering and developing your potential.

"There is nothing more practical than sound thinking."

Paul and Elder wrote that.

Check out these 8 elements of thinking from them...

1. "Purpose" - Directing thinking purposefully and towards purposeful endeavours.

2. "Point of view" - Thinking happens from a particular viewpoint. What 'frame' is on?

3. "Assumptions" - presuppositions that assist to form a view point. They might be true, they might be false. Test them out.

4. "Implications" - possibilities that may arise from a decision or analysis of a situation.

5. "Information" - building information from facts.

6. "Inferences" - deducing from the data available.

7. "Concepts" - help to bunch data into patterns, theories, principles, rules to guide thinking.

8. "Questions" - May come at the beginning of these elements or may come at the end. A critical thinker will pose questions throughout.

What do you think?

Which element do you wanna pull next and towards what will you apply it?

with ARETE,


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