5 minutes x 5

Got any areas that could do with some fresh solutions?

Check this unique approach out from Emerson…

“I once came up with a system for action that helped turn my worrying habits completely around. I would list the five things that I was worried about-perhaps they were four projects at work and the fifth was my son’s trouble he was having with a certain teacher. I would then decide to spend five minutes on each problem doing something, anything. By deciding this, I knew I was committing myself to 25 minutes of activity. No more. So it didn’t feel at all overwhelming.”

Whether it’s one minute, five minutes, less or more the point here?

Give some time to focusing on solutions to current perceived challenges at hand.

Then get to work on totally knocking them out the park.

Maybe you strike out on the first or second swing.

Keep swinging – as in, coming up with and testing solutions until you find one that works.

Five by five.

Not a bad way to spend 25 minutes constructively


You probably would not need to do that every day.



p.s. think of five challenges right now + set the timer + spend five minutes per challenge coming up with actionable solutions. See how it goes.

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