4 minutes

Check this really cool excerpt out from author Kotler…

“It was Englishman Roger Bannister who—nine years after Hagg’s near miss—finally broke this mental barrier and accomplished the feat, running 3:59.4 on May 6, 1954. And when we retell this tale, this is typically the point where the story stops, yet two months after Bannister did the impossible and lived, Australian John Landy did it again and then some—cutting 1.4 seconds off Bannister’s time with 3:58 flat. Within five years two other runners had bested that mark; within ten years the first sub-four mile had been run by a high school student…

…How did this happen? The physical challenge didn’t get any easier. Running a sub-four-minute mile still required running a sub-four-minute mile. All that changed was thought, assumption, the mental frame around the challenge.”

Got something you are perceiving as a challenge? Maybe there are parts to the challenge that will be as they are, yet maybe, just maybe. there are elements that you can change.

Which parts?

Your thoughts, assumptions and mental frame around the challenge…

That’s what you can change.

You may not get a sub 4 minute mile but maybe its worth the shot anyway?



p.s. if its possible to run a mile in four minutes, what else is possible (for you that is)?

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