4 key ingredients

According to Bennis there are 4 key ingredients we want to deeply consider as a ‘leader’.

Whether a leader to others or through self application the tour is worth it.

Bennis puts out these four as essentials...

Constancy + Congruity + Reliability + Integrity.

1. “Constancy. Whatever surprises leaders themselves may face, they don’t create any for the group. Leaders are all of a piece; they stay the course.

2. Congruity. Leaders walk their talk.

3. Reliability. Leaders are there when it counts; they are ready to support their co-workers in the moments that matter.

4. Integrity. Leaders honor their commitments and promises.” (Bennis)

Whether as a leader or in your own endeavours imagine being constant and staying the course, walking your own talk, showing up when it counts and honouring your commitmnets and promises. How awesome would that be?!

Have a re-look at the four….

Which one is your strongest?

Which one could do with dusting off and polishing?

When can you next express your strongest part of these four?

When can you next do a micro action towards strengthening your ‘work in progress’ area?



p.s. whether a leader or not, the application of these to a group + your own potential has massive ramifications.

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