3 x A's

Taking time to reflect and think is crucial to our potential.

There are countless ways to do this.

Check this question from Willink and Babin:

“Of all the initiatives, which one do you feel is the most important?...Which one is your highest priority?’”


You can apply this question to a number of ideas, goals, errands or tasks you have.

You can also apply this to where you are right now. As in what is next highest priority.

It does not always have to be some lofty goal or magic leap.

Keep it simple.

The next highest priority might be something as simple as get up from the desk where you study to take a break.

As I write this, the next highest priority is to have another glass of water….done!

It can be as simple as that provided we take the time to pose such kinds of questions to ourselves regularly enough.

Writing it down in a calendar or in a diary is not enough.

Keep posing good questions to yourself. Answer them and then act.

Ask, Answer, Act.



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