3,600 seconds

60 minutes = 60 m x 60 s = 3,600 seconds.

There is alot we can rock in an hour.

Imagine a deliberate practice session with heightened focus and planning.

Think how that could level up your work, studies and productivity.

Lakhani, author of 'Power of an Hour' has some very interesting pointers on honing in.

Let's start here..

"While time may seem like the thing you need the most of, it turns out that isn't true. What you need is focus - a very specific kind of focus."

Imagine you have an hour ahead of you. Using the 'Power of an Hour' approach this is what that would look like...

  • Decide what to accomplish in the hour

  • Map out the steps (chunk it down)

  • Get the tools you'll need ready

  • Eliminate distractions for this time period

  • Start!

  • Regularly in that time track your progress against your plan

  • If disruptions come up close on them quick quick

  • Keep grinding till you've finished steps (yet take breaks)

  • Pat yourself on the back for clocking the task

with ARETE,


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