20 benefits of Napping

What‘s your view on napping?

Check this out from Mednick...

”And for those of you who still insist on saying, ‘Give me one good reason why I should nap,’ science can do better than that. It can give you 20 reasons. Napping will allow you to:

1. Increase your alertness.

2. Speed up your motor performance.

3. Improve your accuracy.

4. Make better decisions.

5. Improve your perception.

6. Fatten your bottom line.

7. Preserve your youthful looks.

8. Improve your sex life.

9. Lose weight.

10. Reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.

11. Reduce your risk of diabetes. 12. Improve your stamina.

13. Elevate your mood.

14. Boost your creativity.

15. Reduce stress.

16. Help your memory.

17. Reduce dependence on drugs/alcohol.

18. Alleviate migraines, ulcers and other problems with psychological components.

19. Improve the ease and quality of your nocturnal sleep. 20. It feels good.”

Which of these would benefit you the most?

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