A popularly term is in literature is to utilize the approach of a solution focused mindset.

Imagine if we were to level up and head towards something beyond that….a ‘Relentless Solution Focused’ approach.

Grover, author of the book ‘Relentless’ argues that there is a distinction between being solution focused and relentlessly solution focused.

Here is his take…

“What does it really mean to be solution focused?” Being solution focused means keeping your thoughts centered on what you want from life and what it takes to achieve what you want, as opposed to allowing thoughts of self-doubt and concern to occupy the mind. The difference between a solution focus and a relentless solution focus is how often you commit to replacing negative thinking with solutions.”

Grover puts forward two rules for distinguishing the two including:

1. Never give up

2. Apply rule number one.

Ready for the shift?



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