12 activities for Well-Being

The term happiness can be quite loaded and layered with meaning and implications. It’s a term also which in its many definitions can be contested and aloof.

That aside there is some interesting research which is demonstrating the links between what we can rather call ‘Well-being’ and certain expressed strategies and habits.

In her book “The How of Happiness” Sonja Lyubomirsky outlines 12 activities that can contribute towards increased wellness.

Here is a quick round robin tour of practices to promote well - being:

1. Expressing Gratitude

2. Cultivating Optimism

3. Avoiding Overthinking and Social Comparison

4. Practicing Acts of Kindness

5. Nurturing Social Relationships

6. Developing Strategies for Coping

7. Learning to Forgive

8. Increasing Flow Experiences

9. Savoring Life’s Joys

10. Committing to Your Goals

11. Practicing Religion and Spirituality

12. Taking Care of Your Body: Meditation + Physical Activity + Acting Like a Happy Person

“If you want to reap long-term emotional benefits from a happiness activity, you need to devote persistent effort. Of course, if you identify with and enjoy what you are doing, you’ll be more energized and committed.”

Take your pick. Do any of the above 12 resonate for you?

How can you schedule them in more?



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