1000 seconds

Something I’ve been playing around with recently is the concept and more importantly practice of moving every 1000 seconds.

Sounds a bit weird and when I first came across it somewhat insane!

I got this practice from Brian Johnson, founder of (he attributes this to an author that wrote about this, whom admittedly I can’t recall right now).

Let’s start with some maths first.

1000 seconds = 16 minutes and 40 seconds.

Set a timer for this duration of time.

Then get to work on a task at hand (with as much deep work as possible).

After the 1000 seconds are up, get up!

Move for a bit and then sit down again and hit the timer for another 1000 seconds and repeat.

I’ve recently started playing around with this specific approach alot more and combined that with a 1 minute stretch or water break.

Its early days but the observed results so far are that attention levels and energy levels appear to be soaring.

There is something to be said for adding intermittent movement to a day.

Give 1000 seconds a try if you like and see what happens.



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