100% shareholding

When it comes to your own potential, ever considered the distinction between being an owner and being a victim?

“One way, the ownership way, reinvents you as you go. It reinvents you outward, in an ever expanding circle of compassion, vision, and courage. The other way (the victim way) shrinks you down. Just as your muscles shrink when they are not moving, so do your heart and soul when you are in victim mode…” (Chandler)

As you crack on today what mode you wanna plug?

Victim or owner?

Seems a bit obvious but let’s bring the point home….

“Victims have a habitually lonely and pessimistic way of viewing and describing the world and its people. And although this victimization can often last a lifetime, it is only a habit. When it’s understood, it can quickly be replaced.” (Chandler)

Imagine just for today you decide to take a more ownership view of your potential and what you are capable of.

Imagine what that day could look like.

Now imagine you do that again tomorrow.

Imagine an entire string of days in ownership mode.

We ain’t talking about having a business (though that is really cool).

We talking about the ultimate business. You inc. in which you are the owner with 100% shareholding.

What that means is you get to call it.

Nobody else.



p.s. who do you know that you could hang with more that could rub off on you and you on them in a good way. We all need a shoulder to lean on and one for others + plenty a times to laugh, flow, be inspired and inspire.

Come on now! Put the ‘n’ at the end and spell ‘own’.

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