10 syllables

Can you describe any of your current goals in 10 syllables or less?

I got this from author, Henderson has written a book called ‘The Outcome Generation.’

In it he describes six stages towards creating ‘success programs’. Although originally written in a business and vendor context the steps can be applied to your own possibilities too.

Check this.

Six Stages

"Target the desired result" – define your expected outcome succinctly using the ’10-syllable rule.” This entails the use of a handful of words to define the outcome being sought.

“Define the to-be state” – Be highly persuaded by your own vision and one that means the very most to you. See and feel the details of ‘positive to-be states.’ In other words how do you expect to feel as a result of the outcome(s)?

“Make sure you can execute” – reflect deeply on what it will take to reach the intended ‘positive to-be state’ + outcome. What milestones must you accomplish on the way to the intended target?

“Plan how to implement” – implement your plan with a view towards always refining the experience towards your outcome. Evolve your approach as you understand what works best in your approach.

"Roll out the program" – Start simple and simply start! Approach the outcome systematically in stages of completion and over time develop a more detail around the plans towards your outcomes.

"Plan for growth" – Consider 4 key factors including…

· A ‘baseline’ – What is your current level of performance towards your goal?

· An ‘extension’ – How can you extend your performance a little bit regularly?

· An ‘expansion’ – What do you need to expand your level of performance around this goal?

· A disruption – reflect on the original outcome and consider how you could innovate and introduce something new to your goal approach.

Okay cool. Let’s recap. Think of a goal that you want to achieve. See yourself having achieved it. Think of the feelings you would feel when you’ve completed that goal + see if you can generate some of that feeling now. Reflect on the level of commitment it is going to take + milestones. Implement your plan simply at first and become more systematic as you progress. Track your current baseline performance towards the goal. Consider + try to extend your goal performance a little bit. Then consider what it would take to expand your goal performance a lot. And then think creatively about how you could make your goal approach even more efficient.

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