Barbara Frederickson has a fabulous take on savouring micro moments on a daily basis.

Frederickson makes several good points (amongst many). Check this:

“Recall how energizing and rewarding it can be to really connect with somebody, sharing a flow of thoughts and feelings with ease. As your day unfolds, seek out at least three opportunities to connect with others like this, with warmth, respect, and goodwill. Opportunities may spring up at home, at work, in your neighborhood, or out in your community. Wherever you are, open toward others, freely offering your attention, creating a sense of safety, through eye contact, conversation, or, when appropriate, touch. Share your own lighthearted thoughts and feelings, and stay present as the other person shares theirs. Afterward, lightly reflect on whether that interchange led you to feel the oneness of positivity resonance, even to a small degree…”

From book ‘Love 2.0’ by Barbara Frederickson.

This maybe your cuppa tea.

Try it if you want.

1, 2, 3….



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