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ABOUT this awesome site

Let's get straight to it. Here's the pitch.

The old naff definition of a student:

"A person following a particular course of study"

The new brilliant modern definition of a student:

"An individual who defines, discovers, and develops their own potential."

Nuff said. This awesome site is going to rock you with a ton of tools, resources and perspectives on what it means to be a Student of POTENTIAL.


A big aim... is we are gonna try and get you thinking and acting towards defining, discovering and developing your own potential... continuously.

Watch this space..check out the blog...a ton of stuff coming your way in a straight talking style.


want more...?

Click on the Book's tab to see the current awesome selection of kindle books available on potential.

Currently we have a limited number of 1-1 consultation spaces.


We are doing a a custom train the trainer approach.

If you're a company, institution, organization, school, team or something new and you'd like a program tailored for you, give us a shout (drop us a mail). We will gladly have a chat on where we could add value, based on what you want and then you can decide if we are the right fit for you.

There's one catch...we won't do the training for you (only under special circumstances). You'll have to identify someone in your org or space for us to 'coach and consult' and equip with training tools (that we will craft for you) .. so you can (DIY) do it yourself and own the learning process.

If that's your cup of tea give us a shout.

Email us on or connect with us through the contact box below.

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